McAfee Secure Home Platform with D-Link D-Fend router

Over the past few years, the use of internet at homes has also become very common. As the use of the internet at homes has increased, the need to protect the devices is on the rise too.

Be it a thermostat, a gaming system, a smart speaker or thermostat, a touchscreen refrigerator, a robotic toy or anything that uses internet, its safety is not guaranteed. The moment you connect your device to the internet, you advertently invite online threats. To avoid it, the Secure Home Platform by McAfee Security software protects all your devices at home automatically through a D-fend router.

The features it possesses make it a stand out. Some of them worth mentioning are listed below.

  1. Blocking of connection to malicious sites before a security breach takes place.
  2. Direct Internet of Things (IoT) device to detect real-time anomalies and block a connection suspected to be bad.
  3. Effective safeguard of data against hackers through the use of advanced network control features.
  4. Effective parental controls to make net surfing safe for the kids. Setting of fixed rules for some websites, blockage of unsuitable content, time limit fixation for the use of the internet and pausing of Wi-fi access is possible with it.
  5. Voice-based controls that uses voice commands to control the network of devices. A few popular voice assistants can give you audible alerts.
  6. Away Mode to help you turn off the net connection for the devices like smart TVs or media players that don’t need a compulsory internet connection. This can prevent your devices from hacking attacks and online threats in your absence.

Secure Home Platform is powered by an ever-expanding cloud-based cyber security service viz McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). Moreover, you can control your entire home devices. Use your smartphone to do so anywhere anytime.

Secure your devices with Home Secure Platform by McAfee security

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McAfee Home Secure platform can be bought online by paying a visit to

To give the users the best experience, McAfee Secure Platform is collaborating with the leading router manufacturer brands. One such collaboration is with D-Link. McAfee has designed AC-2600 Wi-Fi router. It is an all-in-one router to cater to your Wi-Fi demands and firewall security demands. The 1.6 GHz Intel® GRX350 processor caters to all your security needs. To add to it, it doesn’t let your performance get compromised.

A simple procedure needs to be followed to set up and configure the D-Link router.

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Open the play store on your android or IoS device and download the D-Link Wi-fi app from A separate D-Fend app is available to control security features and parental controls. The app asks for the essential information of the owner and its age and other relevant details. This helps the app to decide on what type of content to restrict. Though D-fend app is quite efficient in this, it is still recommended to add specific websites to blacklist on your own.

This way, you can get foolproof security by using for all your smart home devices by buying McAfee Activate Secure Home platform.


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