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With the increasing demand of internet across the globe, an antivirus software is a must-have for the safe running of your digital devices. As the number of persons dependent on the use of internet is increasing exponentially with each passing day, the threats from viruses and malware are also increasing. Taking all this into consideration, McAfee has innovated an exclusive McAfee security software to help you keep your data and digital life safeguarded against all security breaches and threats. It is one of the most trusted softwares recommended for giving your devices full protection.

McAfee offers its first-time users a McAfee Free Trial version that they can download, use and analyse the features of it. You get a free trial period of 30 days or more based on your product beyond which you’ll need to complete the process of McAfee login.

With the free trial version offered by McAfee, one can get:

  • Safeguard against all online threats
  • Blocking of viruses, malware, ransomwear, spywear and a lot more
  • Real-time protection of devices and data
  • Safety from download of dangerous files, phishing and hacking attempts
  • Protection of one’s important data through 128-bit encryption
  • A password manager for instant login to websites and apps
  • Wide range of protection provided to all devices through a single subscription

    mcafee free trial

One more good news is: One doesn’t have to create an account on to use the free trial version offered by McAfee. However, one will have to download and activate McAfee software using McAfee activate product key.

Steps to follow to download the McAfee Free Trial version on PC/Laptop

  1. Visit through any web browser.
  2. Move your cursor to the ‘McAfee’ icon on the top of the form and click on it.
  3. Choose ‘Free Trial’ option from the menu. In case you are not able to see ‘Free Trial’ option directly, you can scroll down to the footer of the page and click on ‘Free Trials’ from Customer Resources.
  4. A message ‘Try 30 days for free’ will appear with the option to download it.
  5. You can also search whether the unpaid trial version of a particular product is available or not.
  6. Go to ‘Free Download’ button and press it.
  7. Open the file downloaded and install it on your PC.

There is no need to use activate card while downloading the free version of McAfee software.

Steps to follow to download the McAfee free trial version on mobile activate

  1. Use Google Play Store in your mobile to search for McAfee mobile security.
  2. Choose the icon from the list and tap on ‘Install’.
  3. The application will get downloaded and installed automatically.
  4. After installation, open the app.
  5. Give access to the permissions requested by the app.

To confirm whether the app is working properly on your mobile or not, you can scan your mobile and check the status. If you see the errors and threats being detected and notified to you, you can easily infer your free trial version is working properly.

This is how you can get a 360⁰ protection of your devices through downloading McAfee software.

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