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Instagram Stories For Business Marketing

Instagram Stories are a popular and engaging feature that dominates the platform. More than 500 million active users create and view Instagram Stories every day. There is also a swipe up responding feature available on Instagram to interact with followers. Instagram stories are highly used by marketers to promote their business, brand, service, or product to target audiences. Instagram Story Ads are consequential advertising types that every marketer needs to use to gain more lead and sales conversions.

Instagram is a powerful tool for business, which creates an excellent way for marketers to reach potential audiences and build a strong connection with existing users. Instagram followers expect authentic content from businesses, Instagram stories content appears more authentic and adds actual value. Instagram Stories have added more engagement boosting features creating an ideal space for conversations, humanizing brands, and getting real-time feedback from target audiences. Post consistently and regularly on Instagram to not miss any opportunity.

How To Increase Engagement With Instagram Stories For Business?

Instagram has introduced various user-friendly features that encourage audience engagement from poll stickers, Question and Answer stickers, to instant emoji sliders. Instagram has recently introduced the create mode with popular stickers to kick-start your creative skills and encourage more engagement. Utilizing these interactive features on your Instagram Stories every week will create more engagement and audience interaction, which boosts overall marketing performances. The following are the various ways to increase engagement on Instagram stories:

  • Poll stickers
  • Emoji Sliders
  • Question and Answer stickers
  • Quiz stickers
  • Chat stickers

Also, going live on Instagram triggers a notification to your target audiences, and it is worth going live stream when the majority of audiences are online. Businesses can also create countdown stickers to tease your live video.

How To Drive Sales From Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a useful and powerful feature that is packed with a unique and interactive feature. Instagram stories provide the best way to capture audience attention, increasing their interest, and converting more active leads to loyal customers. The following are the effective ways to drive more traffic and sales with Instagram Stories.

Product Stickers

Product Stickers are an excellent place to start promoting your business directly from Instagram Stories. Product stickers allow marketers to tag specific products just like you do in Instgaram shopping posts. Create high-quality product images tagged with product stickers to create a streamlined way for your customers to shop for products.

Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers

Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers are a significant step that can be placed on both videos and images. These Stickers are tailored to fit any Instagram Stories aesthetic; you can tap on the stickers to find the right fit for your product image. Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers are available in both transparent and color variations. This is one of the simple and most straightforward ways to drive conversions from Instagram Stories and is a real game-changer for businesses.


Links are effective ways to increase more sales on Instagram Stories. If you are a business account with over more than 10k followers on Instagram, you are one of the best-fit business accounts that can add direct links to Instagram Stories. Adding Links to Instagram stories is an instant way for encouraging audiences. It is always worth using a link which can be done through text by explaining for audiences to swipe up. Also, add eye-catching GIFs to encourage users to swipe up, direct followers to the product landing page or website to shop. This helps followers to shop directly from Instagram stories without leaving the application.

Countdown Stickers

Countdown stickers are the perfect tool for businesses in building hype about the upcoming product, sales, or an event on Instagram. Countdown stickers help marketers with an excellent opportunity to generate more sales. Create effective ways to encourage followers to tap and set a reminder for the product launch.

Instagram Stories Ads

If you have fewer followers and couldn’t generate more sales through organic ways, there is always an alternate option called Instagram Story Ads. Using Facebook Ads manager, marketers can invest and create Instagram Story ads. Understand your goals, know your target audience, create quality content, and select Instagram Stories as ad placements. Instagram advertising has the same targeting options like Facebook and results in better results.