Find McAfee Activate Product Key: A step-by-step guide

McAfee antivirus software has become the need of the hour to secure your digital devices. It is one of the best antivirus software available in the market today to protect your digital life and data from all cybercrimes, hacks or spams.

With McAfee security, you can get yourself a 360⁰ protection. It helps you achieve it through the following features:

  1. Unlimited protection from a single subscription
  2. Personal firewall protection
  3. Anti-Spam Protection
  4. Safe search
  5. A password manager to help you store your passwords
  6. Speedy and easy to use
  7. User-friendly interface

To use McAfee antivirus software, you need to have a product key to install and use a paid version of this antivirus software.

What is McAfee Activate Product Key and how to use it?

McAfee account login

McAfee Product Key is a 25-digit code that you need to type in to use McAfee software or its products. This product key is available to every user who pays and buys this software online or offline.

You can use the following ways to find your product key and use it.

  1. This product key is available in the product package in case of the offline purchase.
  2. If a product has been purchased online, the product key is sent to your mail address.
  3. If you accidentally lose your confirmation mail received on your mail address, you can restore the product key by visiting and taking the help of the support services it offers. The support agent will ask for some important details for the verification of your identity. These details include the date of purchase, information of the owner, and other relevant details.
  4. You may also find out your product key from the print out of McAfee Product Key that McAfee asks to save for your records.
  5. If you have purchased the product offline, you can contact McAfee activate support system through filling a form online available on com/activate. The support team will get back to you to help you find your product key.

Mentioned above are the few ways you can use to find your product key for the product you have purchased.

In case you find it difficult to install McAfee antivirus after you have successfully activated McAfee subscription on your device, what you need to do is install Pre-Install tool. It will help your system to buck up for McAfee installation.

Steps to Download Pre-intsall tool

There is a series of steps one needs to follow to download Pre-Install tool using the link activate

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Download the ‘Pre Install tool’ from official site of McAfee.
  3. Remove the pre-existing antivirus or firewall protection software systems if you want to avoid conflicts.
  4. After the download of ‘Pre Install tool’ is complete, run a search for the downloaded file.
  5. Once you locate the file, click on the file by the name ‘Pre-Install_Tool.exe’.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  7. If any warning message appears, review the message and select OK to confirm the changes.

Once the ‘Pre Install Tool’ is downloaded, click on the OK button and select ‘Close’ in the end. Reboot your device after this.

  1. Try to complete installation of McAfee security software again.


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