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Malware has the capability in creating any kind of havoc that can result in poor performance of your laptop, personal computer or mobile device. There are tons of different malware affecting such devices all over the world, and mostly they spread through opening up suspicious links while browsing a website or even get downloaded without prior notice at all. has recognized to be an effective way of keeping up your devices and your data safe from getting infected by any hackers and virus attackers.

Once you have successfully installed and activated McAfee to your device, no online threats shall walk through your day.


Instructions to download McAfee


By deciding to download, install and activate McAfee to your computer, you are about to provide the ultimate security for them in the first place. To help you perform all these actions, we have provided step by step guide that can let you swiftly complete the McAfee activate process as well. activate

  • Find out the right McAfee product that goes easy with your purpose and the device in which you are about to download and install them.
  • Make sure your device meets up with the basic system requirements that are prescribed by McAfee to successfully install and operate them.

These two are the basic things that you need to check beforehand downloading McAfee and ignoring them will lead to various issues and errors. Uninstall other security programs that have been previously installed from your device and then start with installing the McAfee security software that you have chosen for your device.


Follow below steps to download the McAfee Antivirus ( to your computer or laptop

  1. Open up a web browser
  2. Visit
  3. McAfee account login should be done to download the McAfee program from ‘My Account’ section
  4. Enter down necessary details like registered email ID along with the password to login to your account
  5. If you do not have a McAfee account, create one by clicking upon the ‘Sign Up’ button
  6. After logging in to your account, choose the McAfee product that you are looking for and select them from the drop-down list
  7. After selecting a particular product and its subscriptions, click upon the download button
  8. Read through the license agreement completely and then starting downloading the Antivirus program.


Installing your McAfee Product


After the download process gets completed, follow below mentioned steps to effectively install them without facing any kind of error messages.

  1. Double click the downloaded file to start with the installation process
  2. A new pop-up menu will rise upon asking for admin access
  3. Provide access by entering your system’s user id and password
  4. Click upon the Next button
  5. Follow the instructions that are notified on-screen and select with the features that you need out of them
  6. Click upon the Install button
  7. Wait until the installation process gets over on its own
  8. You will be notified to restart your computer or laptop to complete the installation process
  9. Click upon the ‘Restart Now’ button to do so.
  10. After restarting your computer, you need to enter down a valid McAfee activate product key to make use of every other desired feature that you were looking out for.

The product key shall be mailed automatically to the inbox of your email id, which you have previously used to purchase the installed McAfee product from their official website. If you have purchased the product from an offline store, then the product key can be found on the back part of the McAfee installation CD or in the provided retail card.


McAfee Activation Process

Below mentioned are the steps to activate a McAfee product through a retail card.

  1. Check out the retail card for a website link and type them exactly on a web browser to start with the McAfee activate process
  2. Select your country and preferred language
  3. Find out and enter the registration number that can be found on the card along with the email ID that has been previously used to create a McAfee account
  4. After entering them, click upon the Submit button to successfully unleash the beast to secure your system and to protect your data from any malware attack.

If you are still not able to download, install or activate a McAfee product, you can dial up the McAfee contact number and get your queries cleared instantly by the professional executives working on board 24/7. The contact number is toll-free and is handled by trained and certified technicians who are well-versed in dealing with any kind of issues related to a McAfee product.


Redeeming, downloading and installing McAfee MTP Retail Card:

The McAfee security system can be accessed by everyone irrespective of the country and region they tend to live in this world. McAfee is known for conducting a deep scan upon all your files located in your system and shall timely alert with any kind of malicious activity found in them. To make use of a McAfee product at its fullest possible potential, you need to collect up your retail card in the first hand.


McAfee Total Protection – McAfee Activate


To endlessly protect your system from malware and virus attacks, you need to visit and choose a subscription based upon your security protection need.

Every other McAfee retail card will hold an activate code printed upon them. The retail card shall be provided for McAfee Antivirus programs like McAfee Asus, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee All Access, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Lenovo, McAfee Live Safe and McAfee Internet Security.


MTP Retail Card:

MTP Retail card shall provide complete protection that you have subscribed for and it can be used to install and activate McAfee program on multiple devices. By activating the retail card, you are about to keep your device safe from getting infected by any kind of online threats and automatically reject harmful viruses from affecting your data as well. MTP also includes various notable services like data backup, privacy security, Wi-Fi protection, anti-theft and much more.

Visit card to redeem your retail card online. After redeeming, you will be provided with a complete instruction process to activate them as well.


Buying Guide for McAfee MTP Retail Card

mcafee activate

Following is the complete guide that can help you purchase a valid McAfee MTP Retail card from both offline and online store.

Online Retail Card Purchase and Redeem:

  1. Visit com/activate through a web browser and log in with your existing McAfee account
  2. You can also login using the McAfee activate 25 digit code that was previously sent in a mail for purchasing a McAfee product
  3. After logging in, click the McAfee product that you are at present making use of
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase the retail card online
  5. After completing the purchase, the activation link for the retail card shall be sent as an email
  6. Open up the McAfee program and navigate to the Activate section
  7. Enter the product key from the email to activate the subscription and to unleash various beneficiaries in no time.


Offline Retail Card Purchase and Redeem:

If you have purchased a McAfee program from an offline store, the retail card shall be handed over in person

  1. Visit the website link that can be found on the back part of the provided retail card
  2. Select your country and language to start with the redeem process
  3. Enter down the registration number in the next page that can be found on the retail card as well
  4. Enter down your email ID along with the password to verify your McAfee account.

In case if you are in a situation looking out for a helping hand to deal with the errors and glitches happening to your McAfee program, feel free to contact the McAfee technical executives who are widely online 24/7 to find a reliable solution for all your queries.

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